School of Nursing Centennial

April 24, 2018

Nurses in the Military

Muriel Softli

Served her country on three continents

After starting her career as a school nurse in Seattle, where she inspired students to become nurses, Muriel Softli joined the United States Air Force Reserve Nurse Corps in 1970 and served her country for twenty-six years. She was called to active duty during Operation Desert Storm and taught pediatric nursing in Europe, Asia, and Canada. Dismayed at the very few women of color in the Air Force, Softli personally recruited other nurses of color to join the military.


“It [the Mary Mahoney Professional Nursing Organization] was really like a sisterhood. Programs consisted of people sharing information about employment opportunities, educational programs that were opening for African Americans, and how nurses were treated on certain floors of the hospital or clinic. Refreshments were always served and there was time for socializing.”


BSN (1961)


Alumni, Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Association, Washington State Nurses Association Hall of Fame

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